The eye is an amazingly complex organ, often affected by general health problems, and the ability to see and record the inside of the eye in great detail provides a powerful tool for monitoring both your eye health – and your general health.  

Here at Keith Holland & Associates we have three of the most sophisticated imaging systems available anywhere that allow us unparalleled views of your eyes. Only a handful of eye care practices have this capability, and we use it to give us the best possible understanding of the health of your eyes – and to monitor your eye health from visit to visit.

Optomap Retinal Imaging

Our Optomap laser scanning ophthalmoscope gives us 200 degree views of the inside of your eyes, allowing us to see parts of the eye never before visible – at the click of a button. Previous techniques allowed us to see no more than 30 degrees at once, and most fundus cameras (the most widely used imaging technique found in many practices) would need to take over 25 pictures to see what we can view in one go.  Since investing in this system we have identified many serious eye problems that would not otherwise have been detected – saving sight.


The OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) is a state of the art device, not unlike an ultrasound scanner that allows us to see into the depths of the retina, giving early warning of conditions such as glaucoma, and macular degeneration. This amazing equipment lets us look at individual layers of the retina in 3D, and sophisticated graphics software lets us literally peel away differing layers to see what is going on in the innermost depths of the eye!

Corneal Topography

We also use three dimensional scanners to assess the shape of the eye in contact lens fitting, and high resolution corneal camera systems to record the health of the all-important cornea (the front layer of the eye), and the tear film – especially useful when patients have dry eye problems.

Whilst these systems sound like science fiction, they are quick and painless to use, so much so that even children usually love to have their images taken!


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