The CROSSHAIR™ is an entry level eyeshield that delivers much more than just eye protection. With advanced performance and superb adaptability, the Crosshair™ can also be integrated with any other product in the Cross-Series™.  U.S Military Impact requirements are met whilst providing all-day comfort and a universal fit.


The CROSSBOW™ eyeshield delivers anti-fog lenses combined with exceptional comfort. The DeadBolt locking mechanism ensures the lenses are held securely in the frame. Silicone coated eartips add increased comfort and grip.

The CROSSBOW SUPRESSOR™ is the first eyeshield designed for use with over-the-ear hearing protection. Ultra-thin temple sides help keep noise out and minimise interference with the padded seal of the ear defenders.




ICE™ and ICE NARO™ eyeshields offer a unique combination of impact resistance, unrestricted view, and interchangeable lenses for frameless eye protection in any light. Reinforced PosiLock™ temples provide a secure and adjustable fit through pliable eartips and variable side lengths. The smaller fitting ICE NARO™ is 10% smaller; ideal for children and those with smaller heads.


We have worked very closely with The Oxford Gun Company to source a range of shooting specs that work in all conditions.

We are also one of the major sponsor of The Schools Challenge - the largest young shots’ organisation in the UK which teaches shooting skills for the next generation. More information can be found here.

ESS eyewear is used by the U.S Military and build in Oakley’s world-class optical facility. The lenses feature a 2.4mm polycarbonate lens with Clear Zone technology and anti-scratch coatings. All come with a 3-lens interchangeable system with a grey, clear and hi-definition yellow lens. Optional tinted lenses can also be purchased including hi-def copper and hi-def bronze.

All are available with most prescriptions which fit behind the front lens mounted in a neat insert.

For further information please contact the practice.



The VICE INSERT™ is a semi-rimless prescription insert that fits neatly behind the front lens allowing clear vision for those that need a visual correction. Prescription polycarbonate lenses start from £135 and feature
glare resistant
hydrophobic (water repellant) coatings

This means they are easier to keep clean and less likely to scratch. Other lens options are such as varifocal and bifocal are available in most prescriptions.

Please contact the practice for more information.



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